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Legacy Collections (IE)

Original Purchasers of the NFTCG collection Gen 1 will be able to volunteer a point of contact and wallet address to keep on hand in order to provide future benefits and rewards as we roll out new WEB3 tech additions into the ecosystem. As we roll out new tech in later collections, we will be introducing this to the original purchasers of Gen 1 in the form of a "Legacy Collection." This will be reimagined variations of the Gen 1 collection, exclusive to OG adopters, that will include WEB3 technology as we continue to innovate in the physical collectibles space.

Physically Backed Tokens (IP)

Integration of PBTs (Physically Backed Tokens) via Encrypted NFC chips in order to tie future physical card drops to an on chain token. The physical card itself will contain an immutable private key for immediate verification.

Battle Rooms (IE)

Opening of an exclusive space so that the community can duel with one another via private battle rooms. This is a great place to connect with each other within the WEB3 space as individuals can converse while playing NFTCG.

Metaverse (IE)

Creation of an entire virtual environment that will use On-Chain versions of each individual NFTCG card so that players are able to duel in an entire online environment as collections release.

IRL Duel Events (IP)

Integrating with IRL WEB3 and NFT events to create a physical space in which players are able to have a place to duel and conversate.