NFTCG is a 2-player duel conducted in the Metaverse. The cards in your deck battle against the cards in your opponent’s deck. The more cards you own, the more you can customize your deck. The objective of the game is to battle your way through your opponents cards, and to reduce the opponents Hit Points from 25 to 0. The only way you can deplete the opposing players Hit Points is if they have no active heroes in play to defend them. Your heroes will then begin to use their attack points to deplete the opposing players Hit Points. Once the opponent is at 0 Hit Points, you win the game!

The Cards

NFTCG brings both large and small NFT communities to life, shining a spotlight on specific NFTs (which we call heroes), in their card form! Each hero has an Ethereum Cost to deploy into the metaverse in the upper left-hand corner. In other words, this is the cost to play a card from your hand. The text on the bottom half of a card identifies a hero’s ability. Each hero has an Attack value (the sword in the bottom left-hand corner) and a Health value (the heart in the bottom right-hand corner). Each hero card has a QR code on its backside that links players to the NFT's OpenSea page. This is our way of thanking the owner of the NFT for allowing us to use their art, as well as encouraging publicity of the NFT collection.

Customize Your Deck

The minimum deck size is 12, but feel free to go over that number if it is agreed upon by both players (both players' decks must contain the same amount of cards). The maximum number of a unique card you can have in your deck is 1. Example: You cannot have more than one Flaming Rose in your deck.

As new generations, collections, packs, and heroes are introduced into NFTCG, new customization options become available. Each hero is equipped with a set of unique stats, ability, and deploy cost. No two heroes are the same!

Our Purpose

NFTs are an evolving technology. Due to a lack of mainstream publicity, the majority of people do not understand what NFTs are, their purpose, and why NFT holders adore the communities they associate themselves with. NFTCG aims to serve as a bridge, to encourage and promote the mainstream publicity of NFTs, as well as enlighten people about  the benefits and networking opportunities NFTs provides to a holder.



1) Build Your Deck

A deck consists of 12-24 cards. Each player creates their own deck of cards, however both players' decks must contain the same amount of cards. No more than one duplicate card is allowed in each players deck. Do not reveal your deck to your opponent. After each player is done creating their deck, shuffle each deck individually. Once done shuffling, keep your deck face down.

2) Decide Who Goes First

Toss a coin. The winner of the coin flip will go first.

3) Draw Your Cards

With your deck faced down, draw the top four cards in your deck into your hand. Each player then utilizes their starting Ethereum to deploy at least one hero into the metaverse. A maximum of 6 heroes can fight in the metaverse at once. In other words, each player can have a maximum of 6 active cards at once. Let's take a look at a breakdown of a hero card:


1) Draw A Card

At the start of your turn, draw one card from your deck. You do not draw an additional card during your first turn of the game.

2) Gain Ethereum

Each player starts the game with 10 Ethereum. At the start of every round, you gain +2 Ethereum. You do not gain +2 Ethereum during the first round of the game.

3) Spend Your Ethereum

Each hero has an Ethereum Deploy Cost in the top right corner. Use your Ethereum to deploy heroes in the metaverse (a maximum of 6 heroes can be active at one time). Any unused Ethereum at the end of your turn carries over to your next turn.

If, and only if, you are out of playable heroes in your deck, you can spend 5 Ethereum to revive all of your heroes. Reshuffle your deck, place it face down on your playing surface, draw the top four cards, and continue battling!

NOTE: Reviving your heroes automatically ends your turn.


Remember, both you and the opponent each have 25 Hit Points. The aim of the game is to deplete the opponents Hit Points to 0. 

All your heroes deployed into the metaverse must fight before the end of your turn. Each of your heroes selects and attacks an opposing hero. If no opposing hero is active in the metaverse, your heroes can then use their attack points to begin attacking the opposing players Hit Points.

Hit Points hold the same value as a hero's health points. This means that if a hero attacks an opponents Hit Points, the damage will carry the same weight as if it were imposed upon an opposing hero.

NOTE: If you have multiple heroes deployed into the metaverse, each hero can attack a different opposing hero. 

5) End Turn

Your turn is over after all of your heroes deployed into the Metaverse have fought. Once both players have completed their turn, the round is complete, and a new round begins. Once a players Hit Points dwindle to 0, they have lost, and the game is over!




  • +ATK: Attack bonus. A hero with an attack bonus will deal that much additional damage when it's in a Fight.
  • +HP: Health bonus. When a hero has a health bonus, it can take that much more damage before it faints in a Fight.
  • -ATK: Attack reduction. A hero with an attack reduction will deal that much less damage when it's in a Fight.
  • -HP: Health reduction. When a hero has a health reduction, it can take that much less damage before it faints in a Fight.
  • Burn: A hero that is burned gets -1 HP every round until the hero is either healed, or faints.
  • Discard: When you are told to discard a card, that card comes from your hand. It goes to your discard pile. You get to choose what to discard unless the effect says otherwise.
  • Discard Pile: Cards that you discard and heroes that faint are placed into your discard pile. Each player has their own discard pile. The cards in your discard pile should always be face up, and both players may look at them at any time. If you have control of one of your opponent’s cards and it dies, it goes to your opponent's discard pile, not yours.
  • Faint: When a hero faints, it means it is no longer able to Fight because it has no Health left. When a hero faints, it is placed into your discard pile.
  • Hero: The name given to individual cards. Example: Flaming Rose is a hero.
  • NFT: Non Fungible Token.
  • Opponent: The other player in the game, not a hero.
  • Opposing: An opposing hero is one that your opponent controls.
  • Round: After both players have completed their turn, a round is complete.