Unifying NFTs Through TCGs.

A Community Lead Effort To Unite & Mainstream NFT Collections Through A Physical Trading Card Game

Who Am I?

Hey everybody! For those who dont know me, im Lycaon. I've been an NFT enthusiast for a year and a half. I have also been a trading card collector for over 15 years. NFTCG is a movement, with the goal of mainstreaming and uniting numerous NFT communities through our trading card game.

As a day 0 Moonbirds holder, it's only fitting that Generation 1 of NFTCG is dedicated to Moonbirds! Community members will be highlighted throughout this drop as physical collectable trading cards. Each card displays a QR code on the backside that when scanned, will take players to the displayed NFTs Opensea page! Follow my Twitter, as I will be posting updates regarding our release, pre-order info, and giveaways!